The Sawtooth NRA Loop is a superb motorcycle ride out of Boise that runs north on ID-21 to Stanley then down ID-75 to Ketchum. US-20 and I-84 is the route back to Boise from Ketchum.

During the early stages of northbound ID-21 we passed Diversion Dam which splits part of the southbound Boise River onto New York Canal. Photo by DJ.

Right after Diversion Dam is the divided 4-lane section of ID-21 (Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway) alongside the Boise River. Bicyclists and joggers use the path right behind the concrete barrier between the dam and Lucky Lake. Photo by DJ.

Northbound on ID-21 just before the bridge over Arrowrock Reservior. After crossing the bridge, most boat traffic will turn right and head for the reservior. Photo by DJ.

This part of the Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway is very twisty between Idaho City and Lowman. The route was being chip sealed that day. Photo by DJ.

We pulled over at the Emile GrandJean overlook roughly halfway between Lowman and Stanley. Our first glimpse of the Sawtooth Range in distance, and we were near 7,056' Banner Summit.

Facing south at the Emile GrandJean overlook with Agua and Diane by our motorcycles with a bright yellow Hummer driving by. The route became much faster shortly after we left this overlook.

The Sawtooth Range looms ahead as we neared Stanley. Right about here we came across a couple of deer by the road which bolted away. This is also a high speed stretch of road. Photo by DJ.

Right behind the Mountain Village Chevron to the southwest is a close-up view of the Sawtooth Mountains in Stanley. We're at 6,200' here. This is not a great place to live during the winter months as it's one of the coldest around.

Mountain Village Chevron in Stanley is the only service station in town on ID-21. It's a very popular stop, and the background views are stunning. Chuck and Barb joined us from Blackfoot, ID for lunch at Sawtooth Luce's Restaurant.

Northbound ID-21 ends at ID-75 where we turned right, and headed south on the Sawtooth Scenic Byway for Redfish Lake. A left turn would result in taking the Salmon Scenic Byway towards Missoula, MT.

Southbound on Sawtooth Scenic Byway parallel to the Salmon River towards Redfish Lake. Road sign on right reads "Galena Summit Open". Photo by DJ.

Another view of the Sawtooth Mountains this time to the west from ID-75 before the Redfish Lake junction. Photo by DJ.

Redfish Lake is absolutely stunning. This is the central part of the lake, and about 1/4 mile away from the Redfish Lake Lodge.

Another view of Redfish Lake to the right. A very popular vacation spot for both locals and tourists.

Galena Summit is at an elevation of 8,701' and the 15-mile section is a winding 2-lane road with 5-6 percent grades. Great site to view the valley below with Sawtooth Mountains in the distance.

Couldn't resist taking a photo of my ride with the Sawtooth Mountains in the background. Take a look at Idaho's Scenic Byways.

We rode downhill from Galena Summit, and the road became relatively straight with more traffic as we neared Ketchum. Photo by DJ.

Downtown Ketchum on ID-75 facing north. We stopped here for refreshments and a well deserved butt break. We then rode south on ID-75 to the Hwy 20 junction where Chuck and Barb split east to Blackfoot while I rode west with Agua and Diane to Mountain Home where they lived at that time. After getting gas at the Chevron there and downing a big plastic bottle of water from Agua, we split-up, and I blasted home to Boise on I-84. It had been a great albeit hot ride.